Closefilm association has its headquarters in Linz and extends its activities to the the whole world. The association is not looking for profit and pursues exclusively and immately telbar for charitable purposes.
Closefilm was founded to promote art, culture and above all, film. The association widis committed to the promotion of cultural and artistic activities, in particular, to make it easier to filmmakers to make it possible for themselves to engage for art, culture and film as well as cooperation with other associations and groups of similar industries. This for example by supporting the Implementation of film projects and submission at festivals.
For the realization of the association’s purpose the following are necessary
the necessary non-material means:

– Lectures and meetings, excursions, discussion evenings as well as reputation, analysis and discussion of films
– Production, publication, publishing and distribution of publications, media and media content
– Establishment of an own film and book collection (library of the association)
– Realization of cultural events: Readings, concerts, exhibitions, festivals
– Production of sound carriers, catalogues and Information material about (young) artistsnen
– Organization of workshops, seminars, Screenings, cinema cabarets, lectures
– Public Relations and Documentation
– Organization of and participation in competitions as well as the production of films of any kind. of a kind
– Participation in film productions and Erstelof films, animations and music videos for advertising purposes
– Execution of research projects, study services
– Provision of infrastructure (audio and light plant)

Closefilm Projects
Linz International Short Film Festival
Film screenings of the Tanzhafen Festival Linz
motion pictures
Residency 2017 (Best long short film at new clas-
sic Cinema film festival)
In cooperation with ÖKF (Österreichisches Kultur-
forum) Tehran and TADAEX Festival:
Exhibition of ten works by selected
Student of the Art University Linz at the Rahprogram of the Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition 2017

Teofilm, Kinophilia, ÖKF Tehran, Mohsen Gallery,
TADAEX, Kooshk Residency, Bamdad International House, Atroon, Moviemento, University of Arts Linz, Linzturism, Wolfinger Hotel